Our Chikara x Wilwood Big Brake kit was designed and built with reliablity and cost savings in mind. With the rising cost and rarity of NA/NB oem sized brake rotors, we decided to build our BBK to use stock ND Miata rotors. With so many inexpensive and good quality rotor options, the biggest cost savings is realized.



The Wilwood BP10 series pads is an excellent entry level pad for both street and track use. Special features of this brake pad include: Medium friction, smooth engagement, low abrasion on iron rotors. Flat torque curve. Low to medium wear rate, increases as temperature increases. Street Use OK



Maruha Motors SS27 step 2 pads is a great upgrade to OEM Mazda Miata pads. The braking characteristics and modulation is near identical to the OEM pads. Where the SS27 shines is the heat tolerance during trackday use. It has less heat fade than the OEM pads while maintaining the same pedal feel. A great choice as a street and casual track use pad.



This Chikara x Wilwood Dynapro BBK kit consists of:

  • 2 x Wilwood Dynapro Calipers
  • 2 x Chikara Motorsports BBK brackets
  • 2 x Chikara Front stainless steel brake lines with fittings
  • 1 x Set of Wilwood BP10 or Maruha SS27.2 brake pads


This product may take up 4 weeks to ship out dependent on stock status from Wilwood.

Chikara X Wilwood Dynapro BBK


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