FFD Motorsport is a wheel company catering to the motorsports crowd offering functional and
robust designs tested by JWL and VIA standards. Our designs are created in-house and
manufactured Overseas with third-party quality control in North America. With expertise in
Engineering and Multi-language communication skills FFD Motorsport strives to bridge gaps
between overseas manufacturing and North American designs.


Wheels Specs:


+32 Offset


T6 Heat Treated

500kg Max Load

JWL Approved


This wheel was designed with Miata fitment in mind to maximize performance without the need to crazy suspension or body work to fit a nice wide tire. They are light weight to reduce unsprung weight will improve every performance aspect for our beloved roadsters.


This popular wheel for the Miata has been a staple for track Miatas for years with a proven performance record. Comes in 3 colors: Black, Silver, and Anthracite

FFD Wheels Evo 1 (set of 4)


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