The first NA Miata rolled off the production line over 30 years ago, and the last NB rolled out over 15 years ago. Most of these cars have put on many miles over the years. A lot of them are in need of an suspension over haul and Maruha has a line of products to help keep our Miatas alive.


Miatas are famous for their handling, and aging suspension components on detract from that accolade. Freshen up your suspension with Maruha's Street Spec Coilovers to improve upon the Miatas great handling, plus you can lower the car for better aesthetics. Another common complain that is addressed by these coilovers are the short travel of the rear shocks. Maruha's design has increased the rear stroke travel by 20mm, giving it some much needed extra shock travel.


Compared to the conventional product, a special upper seat has been provided to increase the stroke on the rear side by 20 mm, and the case length and rod length have been changed accordingly.


In addition, a seat ring for reducing friction is interposed between the spring and the seat to reduce friction caused by spring engagement during vehicle height adjustment and spring vibration during driving as much as possible.

A click knob is provided for damping adjustment, and the knob can be turned even with a light force.


The bump stopper has been changed to a short type compared to the conventional product, further ensuring the effectiveness of free strokes, and linked with the specification change of 20 mm up, it has changed to a more fulfilling version.


Coilover Specs:

OEM style upper mount

Spring Rates (F8kg / R6kg)
Full damper body

Height adjustable with 15-step click damping adjustment

Made in Japan

Fits all 1990-2005 MX-5 Miata Roadster NA / NB series


Special order item from Japan via Sea Freight. Up to 4 months wait times.

Maruha BC Street Spec Coilovers

SKU: MAR08080800

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