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Chikara Motorsports in 2021

Last year has been an eventful year for us all. The pandemic has altered our plans for the year as well as how we do business. It has actually propelled us forward by forcing us to become a lot more involved with the MX5 community than ever before.

We thank all those who have supported us in 2020 and we look forward to an eventful and productive year in 2021. Our online presence before April 2020 was nearly non-existent. Our loyal customers knew about us and would give referrals from time to time. It wasn't until I stepped on board last year to take on the role of marketing that things started to connect; with our existing loyal fans, with new and curious folks from around the world, and also new suppliers and business partners.

The founding principle of Chikara has been and will always remain the same: high quality parts, high quality service (at our service facility and our advise to the MX-5 community), high expectations of ourselves to do our best for our customers. We recommend the best solutions to our customers with value, safety and performance in mind.

We have some exciting plans ahead for 2021. We will have regular shipments from Maruha Motors. We will continue to update and expand our online shop offerings. We will continue to look for new suppliers and negotiate seasonal deals for the MX-5 community and beyond.

Stay tuned for a wild year! It's gonna be good.

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