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Maruha Motors Group Buy 2021

Welcome to the FIRST EVER Maruha Motors Group Buy by Chikara Motorsports.


Starting date: 1/23/2021

Cut off date: 2/25/2021 (Thursday)

Expected arrival to Vancouver port: End of March to early April 2021

Group buy orders shipped out same week upon arrival

There will be frequent updates on this page up until the cut off date.

Links to pay for the orders are now live.

Items that must be ordered via Email are marked with a **.

For all orders OVER $CAD ($USD), we allow 50% deposit in February and the remaining balance by March 15th. You will need to contact us by email to place your order if you choose this option.

Shipping for most of the items below are between $20-$80 CAD for US 48 and Canada. For a precise quotation, please contact us.


** Special Announcement **

Each group buy order placed for this shipment will receive a complimentary Maruha key chain! 2 choices to choose from. Limit one per person.


All prices are in CAD Canadian dollars (divide by 1.3 to get an approximate USD price)

Oil Pan Baffle for NA / NB $

NA6 Full Cam Bundle: Cam gears, Carbon cam cover, F cams 252/256, 33mm Solid lifters set, NA6 Cap shim set $

NA8 Full Race cam Bundle: Cam gears, Carbon cam cover, pair of F race cams of your choice (264, 272, or 288), 33mm Solid lifters set, Cap shim set $

NA8 Full Cam Bundle for Hydraulic lifters (HLA): Cam gears, Carbon cam cover, NA8 HLA F cams 252/256 $

NB2 Full F Cam Bundle: VVT BP F cams 252/256 33mm Intake + Exhaust, Solid Lifters, Cap shims, Cam gear (exhaust side only) $

NA8 / NB 87mm Stroke Crank Shaft with free shipping to USA/Canada $**

NA8 / NB 85mm Stroke Crank Shaft (OEM direct replacement) with free shipping to USA/Canada $**

Cam gear set (pair) for NA6 / NA8 $

Cam gear Exhaust only for NB VVT $

Carbon Cam cover for NA6/NA8 $

New F cams for NA6 BP 252-8.8mm Intake + Exhaust set $

NA8C BP F cams for HLA (hydraulic lifters) Intake + Exhaust set $

NB1 BP F cams Intake + Exhaust set $

NB2 VVT BP F cams 252/256 33mm Intake + Exhaust set $

NA8/NB1 Race Cam (264, 272, or 288) Intake + Exhaust set $

NB2 VVT Race-cam Intake BP-VE 264 Intake + choice of exhaust (264,272,288) $

Solid Lifters 16 piece set (33mm) $**

Cap shim 16 piece set $**

Final Gears for NA8/NB:

  • 3.63 ratio $**

  • 3.99 ratio $**

  • 4.11 ratio $**

  • 4.30 ratio $**

  • 4.44 ratio $**

  • 4.60 ratio $**

  • 4.77 ratio $**

Maruha ITB system for NA6 $please message us.

Maruha ITB system for NA8 $please message us.

If you have questions regarding the above products, please email or message us directly.

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