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Maruha Group Buy 2022

Welcome to the 3rd Maruha Motors Group Buy by Chikara Motorsports.

It's an extra special group buy this time, especially for Americans and Canadians. With the weak Japanese Yen and a strengthening US dollar, it has created the perfect storm, a delightful equivalent of 25-30% off for premium Miata Roadster tuning parts.

Of course, to sweeten up the deal and make it a no-brainer buy, we are going to offer FREE SHIPPING within USA/Canada for ALL ORDERS on this group buy list. Additionally all orders on our website over $175 CAD / $125 USD will receive FREE SHIPPING as a bonus Black Friday month long promotion.

Most items on this list can be purchased directly from website. Some bundles have to be ordered via Email Just look for the ** next to the items on this list. Don't be afraid to send us an email. We are ready to answer any and all questions related to the sale.

Have fun looking and don't wait too long before this deal is over. The Japanese Yen will eventually go back up, especially now that it has reopened it's borders for visitors.

Group buy has ended!

Starting date: 11/01/2022

Cut off date: 11/30/2022

Expected arrival 2 months unless otherwise specified

**Cargo coming in from Japan to Vancouver can have unexpected delays but this time around, we are trying something new to shorten the time.

Group buy orders shipped out same week upon arrival


Items that must be ordered via Email are marked with a **.

All GROUP BUY orders must be paid in FULL.

This time around,



** Special Announcement **

Each group buy order placed will receive a free Chikara license plate frame and Keychain.


All prices are in CAD Canadian dollars (approximate USD price listed)


NA6 F Cam Full Package: 2 x Cam gears, Carbon cam cover, F cams 252/256, 16 x Solid lifters, 16 x Cap Shims

NA8 Race cam Package: 2 x Cam gears, Carbon cam cover, pair of race cams of your choice (264, 272, or 288), 16 x Solid Lifters, 16 x Cap Shims

NB1 (non-VVT) Cam Package: 2 x Cam gears, pair of race cams of your choice (Fcams, 264, 272, or 288), 16 x Solid Lifters, 16 x Cap Shims

NA8 Cam Package for Hydraulic lifters (HLA): Cam gears, Carbon cam cover, NA8 HLA F cams 252/256

NB2 Cam Bundle: VVT BP cams your choice of F cam 252/256 33mm or Race 264/264 Intake + Exhaust, Cam gear (exhaust side only), 16 x Solid Lifters, 16 x Cap Shims, VVT cam pulley gasket set.


Adjustable Cam gear in/ex pair for NA6 / NA8

Adjustable Cam gear Intake only each for NB VVT

Carbon Cam cover for NA6/NA8

New F cams for NA6 252-8.8mm Intake + Exhaust set

NA8C BP F cams for HLA (hydraulic lifters) Intake + Exhaust set

NB1 BP F cams Intake + Exhaust set

NA8/NB1 Race Cam (264, 272, or 288) Intake + Exhaust set

NB2 VVT BP F cams 252/256 33mm Intake + Exhaust set

NB2 VVT Race-cam Intake BP-VE 264 Intake + choice of exhaust (264,272,288)