In early 2015, we decided to collaborate with Panda Suspension to commence development of an adjustable suspension system specifically for NA/NB MX-5 Miata that will provide impressive performance while maintaining an uncompromising comfort level. In short, the perfect dual-purpose kit that will serve this community well!



Single adjustable Compression & Rebound – 30 steps adjustment

Through the many years of R&D efforts, we (and Panda Suspension) have applied our experience into these shock absorbers which are extensively valved for the MX-5/Miata. Our valving set up so that the first 10 steps from full soft are recommended for street use. The next 10 steps are best suited for performance driving (spirited/autocross/track usage). The last 10 steps can be used for more aggressive requirements, as well as up-rated springs for those who prefer a stiffer setup.

External reservoir for rear shocks

One of the Achilles’ heels of the NA & NB suspension is short rear shocks. Normally, given the limited length (at a lowered ride height), it is essentially impossible to put together a system with good amount of shock travel. Thus, we have decided to incorporate an external reservoir for the rear shocks. This will optimize the travel and allow us to run more oil for better internal heat management while keeping the short dimension.

2-piece pillow-ball swiveling aluminum top mounts & special low-friction oil seals

Not only that our top mount uses pillow-ball bearing, it is also a “2-piece” design – Upper half that is seated with the chassis side; and the lower half that stays flush with the top of the spring at all times. This allows the spring force to stay true to the shock absorber’s axis during its action while the suspension travels up and down. Furthermore, our low-friction oil seals work in conjunction to eliminate the stress and friction that can be generated in the system otherwise. In turn, making our design even more accurate and durable.

Internal components made by well-known European manufacturers

In search for enhanced consistency and reliability, we have requested our manufacturer to only utilize some of the most trusted brands for the crucial internal components. Such internals like the piston, all the seals/o-rings, and even the hydraulic oil that have to sustain a lot of load, heat, and wear.

Aluminum spring perches and independent height adjustable front lower mounts

At the front, our system allows for height-adjusting lower mounting sleeve. That way, the perches can be dedicated to set spring pre-load without affecting ride height and suspension travel/droop.

Maintains spring preload even at the height of 11.75″ to 12″ fender-to-hub-center height

Although our system has a wide range of adjustability, our target ride height is around 11.75 to 12 inches from fender arch to hub center (front and back). At this height, the spring is seating at its best preload setting and will yield for about 14 inches suspension droop as well.

Monotube design with 46mm piston

High Pressure Nitrogen charged

F: 10K / R: 6K (560 lbs / 336 lbs) spring rates

Dimension (Front and Rear): 63.5mm / 2.50″ ID, 180mm free length

Dust boots to protect against the elements

Since this kit is designed for mostly road-going purposes, it must be able to withstand the elements from daily driving. Having dust boots further protects the main shaft and corresponding shock absorber components from possible damage by foreign debris.

Coated steel shocks body construction

Although it is heavier by nature, we chose to use a steel construction for its strength. Inevitably, it is coated for corrosion protection.

Hard rubber lower bushings

Chikara CP1 Coilover Suspension for NA/NB Miata/Roadster


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