This newly designed and locally produced oil pan baffle for the NC Miata (2006-2015). With prices becoming more affordable, lots of NC Miatas end up on race tracks world wide. With modern tire and suspension technology, cornering G-forces far exceed what the Mazda engineers anticipated 15 years ago. When car is experiencing high side to side G-forces, the oil in the engine is sloshing around quite a bit. That would cause the oil to move away from the oil pickup and the rotating assembly could lose lubrication. 


The Chikara Oil Pan Baffle is designed to solve this issue while being very affordable. It is designed  with baffling and one way trap doors to ensure there is adequate engine lubrication at all times. This part should be installed for serious track enthusiasts or any body else for peace of mind.


The 2.5L swap is very popular with NC enthusiasts, and the Chikara Oil Pan Baffle fits in these engines too!

Chikara NC Miata Oil Pan Baffle


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