Maruha Motors Super low seat rails (for RECARO/BRIDE) feature vertical slide rails designed to increase the maximum allowable drop of the bucket seat. This design allows at least 2-3 inches lower than other conventional MX-5 seat rails.

For many MX-5 owners, a big nuisance is the awkward OEM seat height. A lower seating position is highly beneficial to spirited driving where the eye-level of road surface is optimized.

The vertical rail is optimally shaped to make effective use of MX-5's tight interior.

The newly remodeled W lock is designed to hold the seat more firmly than the conventional single lever lock on one side. Due to the mechanics of the vertical rail, the left and right slide rails cannot be linked with one lever. Therefore the sliding adjustment is made with left and right levers.


395mm seat width mounting

260mm-305mm side mounting

**This version is the left hand drive driver's double locking version, exclusive to Chikara Motorsports.

*Single Lever version shown in picture. Pic will be updated.

* Bride Vios III shown mounted

Maruha Super Low Seat Rail Double lock for NA/NB Miata (US Driver side)

SKU: mar09051100LHD

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