Upgrade your ND MX-5 with our full LED exterior lighting bundle! Every replaceable exterior lamp is included. Best of all, every single one is a true plug and play with zero wire cutting!


Choose from 2 options for side marker lens color (smoked or clear) and 2 colors (amber or red) for rear sequential turn signals.


Chikara Full LED Exterior Lighting Bundle includes:


  • Front and rear bumper LED markers in Clear or Smoked
  • Front fender sequential LED side markers in Clear or Smoked
  • LED license plate lamp
  • Chikara x Hyperluxe anti-hyperflash front turn signal bulb in amber (no resistor required)
  • Rear sequential turn signal LED panel in Amber or Red



2016-2021 ND MX-5 Miata full LED Exterior Lighting bundle


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