Have you been considering switching to LED turn signals for your NA/NB Miata only to find confusing, low quality LED options that require resistors to be wired in?


At Chikara Motorsports, we have partnered with a pro led lighting expert with 10+ years of experience to custom design a switchback LED option for your NA or NB Miata that does not require resistors.


Simply plug the Hyperluxe 1157 Switchback LED into the turn signal socket and watch it flash in alternating amber and cool white sequence. No resistors to wire in. Quick and easy.


This switchback LED uses ultra bright Epistar chip LEDs and 1860 lumens of light output!


* NO polarity

* Chip: 30pcs Epistar 3030 LED chip

* Working voltage: 9-30VDC

* Max current: 2.4A

* Max Lumen: 1860LM

* Light angle: 360

* Canbus: 100% canbus compatible (for newer vehicles)


Contents: 1 pair of Hyperluxe 1157 Switchback LEDs.

Hyperluxe 1157 Switchback LED bulb


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