Maruha Cam Gears are priced each.

Compatible on 1.6L and 1.8L non-VVT intake and exhaust cams. (2 cam gears required for NA6 or NA8)

Compatible with 1.8L VVT exhaust side only. (1 cam gear required NB1, NB2)


These are some of the nicest cam gears on the market for the Miata, in both function and form.


  • Hard surface coating
  • Unique manufacturing technique
  • Purely made of duraluminum
  • Just fit feature
  • Lightweight
  • Double aluminized color dye
  • Comes in attracting colors
  • Precision Japanese manufactured product.

Maruha Adjustable Cam Gear for NA/NB Miata (each)

SKU: mar13083000

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